DATERA is the first and the only partner of INFINIDAT in the Czech Republic.
DATERA is also authorized to provide first and second line support.


INFINIDAT was founded in 2011 by a team of storage industry experts focused on helping customers to eliminate compromises between cost, capacity, functionality and performance when it comes to their storage, enabling them to focus more on what makes their organizations competitive. INFINIDAT and it’s technical team was build around Moshe Yanai, who was leader of development of the EMC Symmetrix disk array and IBM XIV disk array.

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InfiniBox, high performance enterprise data storage, eliminates performance, availability and scalability issues to accelerate critical business applications. Based upon a fully abstracted set of software driven storage functions layered on top of industry standard hardware, INFINIDAT delivers a fast, highly available, and easy-to-deploy storage system.

Driven by INFINIDAT’s patented storage architecture, the InfiniBox delivers ultra-high performance, beating all-flash storage solutions, throughput, and extremely low latency — all without compromising on high availability and with complete data protection.

InfiniBox can reach throughput of 3-12,5 GB/s, speed 300.000-1.000.000 IOPS while keeping low power consumption from 2,5KW, uptime of 99,99999% and being price competitive.